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Petrus de Alvernia

“Il n’est pas impossible que, lorsque son oeuvre sera mieux connue, la place de Pierre d’Auvergne dans l’histoire de la philosophie soit appelée à grandir”

Étienne Gilson, La philosophie au Moyen Âge, Paris 1976, vol. 2, p. 433.


Peter of Auvergne was one of the major philosophers and theologians of the last quarter of the XIII century. He spent his entire career in the Paris University. There, he became Rector of the Arts Faculty in 1275 and eventually secular Master of Theology in 1296. He died in Clermont-Ferrand on September 25, 1304. On his life and bibliography see Hocedez 1933; Flüeler 19921; Gerwing 1996; Galle 2000; Galle 20031; Galle 2005; Weijers 2007.

The importance of his thought is witnessed both in the statements of his contemporaries and in the influence he exerted over the following generations. The widespread diffusion of his work is attested by the large number of extant manuscripts (almost 150). Given the fact that Peter was the continuator of some of Thomas Aquinas’s unfinished commentaries on Aristotle, scholarship tended to see Peter simply as the “doctor continuator”. In contrast, in recent decades his importance has been gradually recognized as a master with his own voice and, along with Albert the Great, Thomas Aquinas and John Buridan, one of the most important Aristotelian commentators of the Middle Ages.


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This webpage is intended as a basic tool to help further research devoted to Peter of Auvergne. Based on work carried out by Griet Galle, it includes all the primary and secondary bibliographical sources on Peter, as well as the available sources on his life.

The conception of this webpage was earlier advanced by Christoph Flüeler, supervisor of the research project “Die politische Philosophie von Peter von Auvergne”, as part of which this webpage has been prepared. The project comprehends the first critical editions of Peter’s two commentaries on Aristotle’s “Politics”.

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